NOVOMATIC UK Responsible Gambling Code

A responsible operator

As a major stakeholder in the UK gambling sector, NOVOMATIC UK (the wholly owned UK subsidiary of Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH, (AGI) part of the NOVOMATIC Group) is committed to ensuring that its corporate social responsibility obligations are always fully met. We operate within a highly regulated sector of industry and that involves a care of duty to players to ensure that they can enjoy gaming safely and responsibly.

Prevention is the best form of player protection

We understand the term ‘player protection’ as any activity that reduces or prevents potential harm arising from the effects of gaming. The main goal is to prevent and reduce those negative effects for all players and, specifically, for adolescents and other vulnerable groups in society and, therefore, their family members. * Prevention begins with the very first game. Primary protection is aimed at the whole population and all potential and active customers. * Our preventative role ends the moment that pathological gambling addiction begins. Gaming addiction treatment and tertiary prevention fall under the remit of psychotherapeutic treatment which should be accessed via the player’s general practitioner.

We protect children and minors

Minors under the age of 18 years are never permitted to play our adult-only gaming machines or participate in gaming. This is stated clearly on all of our adult-only machines. Whilst there is no mandatory registration process in the UK, we ensure our staff are always aware of the age restrictions that apply to our machines and we actively promote a ‘Challenge 21’ approach. Minors may also be at risk if members of their family have gaming problems. We respond to this with a range of information initiatives.

Responsible communication

We are committed to offering gaming within a clear, strictly regulated framework. This applies, particularly, to advertising. We are, therefore, in favour of partial regulation of gaming advertising. We are committed to voluntary restriction of our advertising activities. Our advertising and marketing activities focus on the provision of information, not stimulating the need or desire to gamble. We always encourage players to play only within their means. Our advertising never presents gaming as an alternative to gainful employment, an opportunity to earn money or as a financial instrument. Our advertising never presents gaming as a way out of financial or personal difficulties. Our advertising focuses on the entertainment aspect of playing and not on the promises of winning. Our advertising does not inspire false expectations or make unrealistic claims about the outcome of playing. All our machines clearly detail the percentage payout of each game. Where possible, we always include a responsible gaming message in all advertising. We deliberately distance ourselves from all sponsoring commitments aimed primarily at children and minors. We also consider social initiatives and projects that focus on children and minors to be unsuitable for partnership. Our advertisements never contain testimonials that appeal specifically to a young audience. Similarly, we do not place advertising in media whose target group predominantly comprises minors.

Reinforcing player responsibility

We believe strongly in players safeguarding their own personal sense of responsible gaming. We provide useful tips and information on how to gamble responsibly. We offer players a self-test which encourages them to reflect on their own gaming behaviour.

We employ professional staff

Our customer facing staff and management are all trained to have basic knowledge about the development of gaming addiction and problem gaming behaviour. Our staff are trained to raise awareness among the general public that problem gaming is no longer a taboo subject. This training helps our staff to do a more professional job and, therefore, stimulates job satisfaction.

Keeping players informed

We want to communicate extensively and transparently with players on equal terms about gaming, its associated risks and the support services available.

We guarantee fair gaming

As a respected and reputable provider of gaming facilities within a highly regulated market, we guarantee compliance with fair payout percentages. All our machines clearly indicate the payout percentage. We are committed to undertaking independent inspections and being subject to strict licensing procedures for our products and services. We are convinced that a clearly regulated gaming market is the only way to combat the threat of illegal gambling activities. We are committed to that end.

Working with experienced partners

We collaborate with professional player protection institutions and value the way those relationships enhance our corporate social responsibility. We engage with a low-threshold support system that ranges from help lines to self-help groups. As part of the NOVOMATIC Group, we work together with clinical experts and scientific research institutions.