Concerned about your gaming?

For the majority of people, gaming is a harmless and entertaining pastime. If you’re concerned that your gaming is no longer fun and at risk of becoming a problem, there are some simple steps you can take.

It’s good to talk

Talk to someone close that you trust – either a family member or friend. If that’s not an option, we suggest you contact the Gamble Aware Free Helpline on 0808 8020 133 for confidential advice. You can also talk to the manager or licensee where you gamble. They will understand because their experience gives them an awareness of the issues involved.

Take a break

Take a short break and clear your head. It will help you see things differently and perhaps make you think more about how much time you are spending playing.

Know your limits

Whatever we do for fun, we all have to know our limits and gaming is no exception. Commit before you start playing by setting a limit on how much money and time you will spend. More importantly – stick to it!

Enjoy it

Make sure that your gaming is an enjoyable pastime that doesn’t impact negatively on other areas of your life. If it ceases to give you pleasure it’s time you reassessed the way you play. Honesty is the best policy Be truthful about how much you are gaming. There’s no point in lying to yourself or others.


If you think that gaming is becoming a problem and the measures we’ve talked about here don’t work for you, it’s perhaps time to take an extended break from gaming. If you gamble, for example, in an adult gaming centre, casino or bookies, this can be done by 'self-excluding'. Simply talk to the manager and fill in a form. Self-exclusion can always be reviewed once the period is completed and you feel that your gaming is under control.